Many times people look at "old junk" and do not realize the collectable or antique value. With over 25 years in the antique trade we have the contacts to get your items into the right hands. Also many people do not realize the amount of value in small everyday items. Most houses are filled with small items that in of themselves are not worth much but together have an accumulative value that will surprise. Back to top
We do sales of all sizes, from small to large. If your sale is not large enough for an on site sale, we can arrange for a sale on a consignment basis. Please contact us for more details and we can help you decide what the best option will be. Back to top
Contact us as early in the process as possible. Many times the family will do far more work packing and cleaning out than is necessary. Leave the work of organizing to us. Back to top
Everything! Nothing is too big or small to be in our sales. We have connections with people who are looking for expensive items such as: Cars, Tractors, Diamonds, Watches, Artwork, Gold and Silver. And many customers who are looking for everyday items for there home like: Pots and Pans, Lamps, Rugs, Glassware and Electronics. If you need to have it gone we will find a home for it! Back to top
We have a very large customer base. People come to our estate sales planning to spend more than at a yard sale to get merchandise of better quality and because they enjoy choosing from a broader selection of merchandise. They also know we are reasonable in what we ask for an item, but also know the value of them. Often collectibles are sold at a yard sale without the owner knowing the market value. Back to top
We often hear that people have been disappointed by the amount received for their items going to auction. One local auctioneer can not specialize in every area, whereas we will utilize, for your valuables, the best avenue available. In some cases that may be an Oriental rug dealer in N.Y., an auction house out of state that has specializes in certain higher end items or an online sale. You are not limited in our options. We will tell which avenue will typically bring the most value to your estate. Back to top
With over 25 years experience in the antiques business we will be able to get the most for your valuables. We have the connections to sell everything from fine jewelry and artwork to cars and tractors. If it needs to be sold we can sell it! Back to top
Yes, we are fully insured. With us your valuables will be safe. Back to top
Our sales are advertised online, in newspapers, at antique stores, with flyers through the mail and through our extensive mailing list that is growing all of the time and reaches buyers directly. Back to top